Target: How to Win More With High Propensity Voters

Target the right voters and you have a better chance of winning your election. The best place to start is figuring out who the high prosperity voters are and
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Voter Identification: How to be a Winner on Election Day

Voter Identification is one of the most important tasks you must engage in if you want to win your election. Voter Identification is simply figuring out who will vote
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How to Write Winning Campaign Phone Scripts

A winning phone script is simple to write. But many campaigns just don’t write good scripts. The biggest challenge I see with campaigns is that they try to cram way
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How to Write a Winning Campaign Phone Script

A winning phone script is simple to write.  But many campaigns just don’t write good scripts. The biggest challenge with campaigns is that they try to cram way too much
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Robo Call Recordings: How to Win on Election Day

Any winning robo call recording should be made with the same care and consideration taken with any mail piece, yard sign, television ad or radio spot made for your
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Knowing the Right Times to Make Your Campaign Calls

  Campaign Calls are most effective when done at the right time for YOUR campaign. When NOT to make Campaign Calls We need to get this out of the way
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Campaign Junk: How NOT to Win on Election Day

Campaign Junk will waste your money and time. It will limit your ability to communicate your winning message to voters. What is Campaign Junk? Campaign Junk would be combs,
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5 Common Polling Mistakes Candidates Make

Professional pollster Matthew Jason contributed this article to The Campaign School to help candidates avoid the common mistakes he often sees in political polling. Polling Mistake #1:  Not Testing
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How to Save More Money and Win Votes with Door Hangers

Door Hangers are an important tool to help you win votes. Door Hangers are great when you are walking door to door and the targeted voter is not home. You can
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How To Create Winning Political Endorsement Cards

Endorsement cards are a great thing to have when you are running for office. These simple cards are both important and affordable. Endorsement cards are one of the first
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