It Takes More Than Money to Win an Election (Ask Jon Ossoff)

Believe it or don’t, money isn’t the most important factor in determining who wins an election. Yes, having plenty of cash on hand is necessary if you’re serious about
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How a Good Poll Helps Political Candidates Win Elections

As a political consultant I always try to conduct a poll as I begin a campaign. A good poll can tell you which issues matter the most to the
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Why Winning Candidates Must Have 100% Focus on Victory

There’s really only one thing that differentiates a winning political candidate from a losing office seeker. It’s so clear and obvious that many candidates miss it. Simply put, winning
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The X’s and O’s of Endorsements

Winning campaigns need to establish credibility and one of the quickest ways achieve this is by securing endorsements.  How?  Because endorsements allow the candidate to tell donors, voters and
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Why Voter Identification is Essential to Winning a Political Campaign

As Election Day comes closer, your campaign activities will switch from those of persuasion to those of GOTV – Getting Out The Vote. Many candidates make a huge mistake
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3 Ways Winning Candidates Can Go Negative on Campaigns

You may not want to hear this but there is a place in many political campaigns for going negative.  Why? Because at the end of the day negative campaigning
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