Do Your Political Campaign Signs Suck?

Every candidate we’ve ever worked for wanted political campaign signs.  But in our experience, most political campaign signs are not that good.  In fact, many of them are absolutely horrible.
Brian Floyd

Why Every Candidate Needs a Website

If you’re a candidate for elected office you need to have a campaign website.  There aren’t any if’s or but’s about it.  If you don’t have your own website, there’s
Brian Floyd

5 Essentials of Political Campaign Fundraising

One of the most crucial aspects of a winning political campaign is fundraising.  It’s also the component that most candidates despise.  But if you want to win an election,
Brian Floyd

Can you offer more than Thoughts and Prayers?

Whenever tragedy strikes – as it did this last weekend with the terrorist mass shooting attack in Orlando, Florida – elected officials, candidates, and other public figures are quick
Brian Floyd

Top 10 Reasons Political Candidates Lose Elections

Why do so many candidates for public office lose elections? In my professional experience, there are typically ten main reasons why candidates fail to win the office they are
Brian Floyd

Winning Candidates Don’t Stop Getting Out The Vote

If you want to win your election, you need to Get Out the Vote (aka GOTV) all day on Election Day — or you may not win. I have seen
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Why Winning Candidates Keep the Message Simple

In a tough election, the candidate with the clearest and most concise message typically follows the old adage of marketing and campaigning known as KISS:  Keep It Simple, Stupid.
Brian Floyd

How Local Endorsements Help Win Elections

Do not underestimate the power of local endorsements to help your campaign. Every candidate wants their local police, fire, mayor, sheriff, etc. to endorse their campaign. But endorsements from
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