The Secrets of a Successful Get Out The Vote Operation

When I first stepped into a campaign headquarters I kept hearing the term GOTV. I thought it was a special election program for campaign insiders. Quickly I found out
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Live Telephone Calls vs. Robo Calls on a Political Campaign

Even in the age of the Internet, email, and Facebook, telephone calls remain a highly effective way to contact voters. In almost every campaign I run telephone calls are
Brian Floyd

Why Winning Candidates Always Chase the Early Voters

As I recently wrote, not all voters are equal. Some voters are more important than others because they always vote. These high propensity voters are key to winning a
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3 Ways Winning Candidates Raise Money Fast for Their Campaigns

Money and politics go hand in hand. It often gets a bad rap and sometimes for good reason (case in Point – don’t be this guy). But as a
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Why Live Telephone Calls Still Win Political Campaigns

As a candidate for office, there are many ways for you to communicate with the voters. But which methods are best? Which ones are the best use of your
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How to Win (or Lose) Elections with High Propensity Voters

In America we believe that all people are equal regardless of gender, age, race, religion, income, or education. On Election Day all votes carry equal weight. But on political
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Remit Envelopes: Don’t Leave Home Without Them

Whether you are a first time candidate or an incumbent, you need to have Candidate Emergency Kit. Like any roadside emergency kit, it’s a good idea to make sure
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