What Tom Brady Can Teach Political Candidates About Winning

Whether your love or hate Tom Brady, there is much political candidates can learn from Brady and his NFL career. The principles that Tom Brady has lived by earned
Brian Floyd

3 Ways Candidates Blow it When Communicating with Voters

The essence of a successful political campaign is communicating with the voters in a way that connects with them. But candidates often undermine their messaging and blow it with
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The Power of Candidates Sending Letters Before & After Walking Precincts

One of the best ways you can win a local election is by walking precincts and knocking on doors. You can also increase the impact of this by sending
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How Personal Introduction Letters Help Political Candidates Win Elections

As a candidate for office, you need to introduce yourself to the highly likely voters in your area or district as quickly as you can. One of the best
Brian Floyd

3 Things All Political Campaigns Have in Common

All political campaigns have three things in common, regardless of whether they are successful or not:  the candidate who’s running, the money spent, and the issues important during the
Brian Floyd