What Kind of Elected Official Will You Be? A Leader or a Politician?

This wasn’t the article I intended to publish today. I’m not even sure I should be writing it. However it’s something I feel very strongly about and want to
Brian Floyd

5 Winning Lessons from Political Campaign Mastermind Arthur Finkelstein

One of the most successful political strategists of contemporary American politics passed away Friday, August 18, 2017 — Arthur Finkelstein. If you’ve never heard of Arthur, don’t worry about
Brian Floyd

Why Political Party Stereotypes are Dangerous to Campaigns

Political party stereotypes go like this: all Democrats favor activist government, legal abortion, and placing limits on 2nd Amendment rights, while all Republicans want smaller government, no restrictions on
Brian Floyd

The Power of a Three-Point Plan in Political Campaign Messaging

A key part of a candidate’s winning message is The Plan. The Plan tells the voters what you the candidate want to do on their behalf should they elect
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The Three C’s of a Winning Political Campaign Message

Last week Daniel Henninger wrote in  The Wall Street Journal about President Trump bringing John Kelly on as new his Chief of Staff and Kelly’s immediate firing of Anthony
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2 Winning Candidates Discuss Candidate Debates and Forums

I wanted to share some insights on debates and forums from two different candidates who each won their election this year in two very different states:  Texas and California.
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Winning Political Candidates Always Participate in Debates and Forums

As a candidate for any elected office you’ll be asked to participate in public forums and debates. This is a part of the political process that in America dates
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