Meet Brian Floyd

Brian Floyd is the founder of The Campaign School.

Brian is a highly successful political advisor and strategist with 28 years of experience in the public policy realm and on political campaigns.

017 Floyd, Brian

A native of southern California, Brian has been interested in politics since the age of 8, when his uncle, Dick Floyd, was elected to the State Assembly.

After graduating college, Brian professionally entered politics. For three terms he served on the staff of California State Assemblyman Rod Pacheco.

In 2003, Brian became a professional political consultant where he has helped guide a super majority of his clients to victory.

As of March 2024, Brian has won 86.79% of the political races where he’s been the lead campaign consultant.

Brian is recognized as an expert in political campaign organization, persuasive messaging, speech writing, debate/interview preparation, and political marketing.

He specializes in helping first time candidates learn the fundamentals of running a political campaign that can win an election.

Brian has advised and consulted for political candidates seeking city, county school board, and state legislative offices, as well as PACs seeking to qualify, pass, or defeat ballot measures.

Additionally, Brian’s company has served on the campaigns of prominent Republican members of the United States House of Representatives.

Tired of seeing good candidates getting ripped off by unscrupulous “consultants” or losing because they focused on the wrong things, Brian started The Campaign School in 2015.