How to Save More Money and Win Votes with Door Hangers

Door Hangers are an important tool to help you win votes.

Door Hangers are great when you are walking door to door and the targeted voter is not home.

You can use door hangers throughout the campaign to deliver your winning message directly to a voters door.

Door Hangers work great for last minute efforts to get your supporters to the polls.

You can place them on your targeted voters door knobs on or around election day reminding your identified supporters to go vote.

But the walk card or walk piece is better to hand directly to voters.

A walk piece can also be refereed to a walk card, walk piece, candidate brochure, campaign brochure, or simply a handout.

A simple walk card consists of  the candidate’s name, photo, a brief bio and a winning message.  Which is also what you should have on your door hanger.

Because of the die cut piece on the top of the door hanger, they can be awkward and cumbersome to carry

Also, a door hanger just seems like something that is meant to be placed on a door knob only.

The walk piece can also be used to hand out at events, coffees, and be taken with you to any campaign meeting.

So having both a door hanger and walk piece is important.

If you are a small local campaign it can be expensive to have both.

However, there is a way to have both and reduce your costs.

Using a 2’n1 Saves Money on both Door Hangers and Walk Pieces.

The 2’n1 is a combined walk piece and door hanger. It works great for small, local campaigns.

It is simple, handy and will probably save you money.

The dimensions are 9 inches tall by approximately 3 and 3/4 inches wide.

The perforated portion, the portion with the die cut, is about 2 inches high and 3 and 3/4 inches wide.

This was made from  8 1/2 x 11 inch card stock.

Here’s an example of a 2’n 1 Door Hanger-Walk Piece.


                                                       2'n-1 door hanger


It is simple to turn the 2’n 1 into a walk piece or hand out.

The top portion of the door hanger is the die cut.

The die cut portion that you would hang on a door knob, is perforated and can be easily torn off to create a walk piece like the example on the right:

 2016_02_08_19_01_230001                          Walk piece


You do not want to turn your voter outreach efforts into a big hassle for the voter.

When walking door to door, most people are not home.

You knock on a door, no one answers,.  And so you will want to leave your walk piece on the door knob.

Many candidates try to jam the the piece between the door and door jam and hope the voter sees it when they get home.

However, when you use the door jam method it is a hassle to make it stay.

When you use the door jam method and the voter comes home with a bunch of groceries in their arms, when they open their front door the piece falls to the ground and now they have to pick it up.

This this can be a pain in the butt for most voters, especially older voters or anyone with a physical handicap.

Instead of making them want to learn more about you and your ideas, they might get turned off from voting for you

Sometime candidates, and volunteers, will jam a piece into some convenient place on a screen door.  The piece gets stuck and the voter can’t retrieve it.

Again, this does not engender support for you.  It does the opposite.

Many times over the years I have heard of campaigns receiving angry calls from voters regarding the screen door issue.  Chances are these voters will no longer be your voters.

You might try using paper clips and rubber bands to hang your walk piece on a door knob.  This method takes a lot of prep work.

The paper clips and rubber bands often come off the piece before you get to the door or get tangled up and cause a mess that you will need to contend with before approaching the next house.

Paper clips and rubber bands often come apart when the voters opens the door and once again the voter will need to clean up the mess.

With the 2’n1 method you have both a door hanger and a walk piece.

The 2’n1 gives you a walk piece and door hanger without rubber bands or paper clips.  Most importantly, the 2’n 1 reduces your prep time.

Before you walk, you tear off the perforations on a dozen or more door hangers turning them into walk pieces or campaign handouts.

Most people will not be home so you don’t need to tear off too many.

It is so simple to tear the perforation off that you can easily do it on your way up to the house or while talking to the voter.

If you need them for an event just tear off what you need for the event.  Again, not too many.

Any printer should be able to create a 2’n1 door hanger-walk piece.

That said, you will need to make sure your printer can make die cuts  and perforations before you get started.

Most printers have probably all made door hangers with die cuts, if not for political campaigns, for the local pizza joint.

Try the 2’n1 and you might find it save you a lot of hassle, time and money and win you more votes on election day.