Winning Candidates Don’t Stop Getting Out The Vote

If you want to win your election, you need to Get Out the Vote (aka GOTV) all day on Election Day — or you may not win. I have seen
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How Local Endorsements Help Win Elections

Do not underestimate the power of local endorsements to help your campaign. Every candidate wants their local police, fire, mayor, sheriff, etc. to endorse their campaign. But endorsements from
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How to Get More Votes from Yard Signs

Yard signs are one of those things that every candidate wants.  But most yard signs I see are not used well and not well placed, like those in this
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Grassroots: How to build a winning Election Day coalition

Scott Adams contributed this article on grassroots organization to The Campaign School. Scott is a bonafide campaign professional who wrote the book on grassroots organizing.  He cut his political
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How to Win an Election by Chasing Vote by Mail Ballots

Chasing Vote By Mail ballots wins elections. Running a good chase program is like GOTV (Get Out The Vote) every day of the month running up and through Election
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Be First in the Mail and win the Early Voter

Everybody has heard about the early voter. Every campaign knows there are a group of voters that turn their ballots in as soon as they get them in the
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How to Win Big With Slate Cards on Election Day

Do slate cards work? Heck, yes, they work! That is why several million dollars are spent on them every year in Californa. Purchasing placement on a slate card is
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How to Win on Election Day With Political Mail

Political Mail wins elections. That’s a fact. However, to win with Political Mail you must follow some basic rules. Copy – Short and to the point.  With Political Mail, you are not writing
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GOTV Victory: How to Win by Getting Out The Vote

GOTV Victory or Get Out The Vote, is all about getting YOUR VOTERS to the polls. It is not about getting your opponents voters to the polls. A GOTV Victory is not
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GOTV: Absolutely Necessary To Win Big On Election Day?

GOTV or Get Out The Vote or GO – TV, what ever you call it, is like going to church in the old south. It is just something you do and
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