A Winning Strategy for Candidates Mailing to Early Voters

Early voting has become much more prominent in elections than it has ever been. As a candidate, it is essential that you factor this into your winning mail program.
Brian Floyd

The First 7 Things Winning Political Candidates Should Do

I get asked by a lot of first time political candidates what are the first things they should do once they decide to run for office. You’re probably wondering
Brian Floyd

7 Little Things That Get Political Campaign Emails Marked as Spam

We all hate Spam. And I’m not talking about the meat in a can that Hawaiians are crazy about. I’m talking about the email kind of Spam. But what
Brian Floyd

Winning Candidates Rules for Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest events in the United States of America. Since 2010, over 100 million people have tuned in to watch “the big game.”
Brian Floyd