The Campaign School has several premium courses available for political candidates.

The knowledge and skills shared are also useful for those interested in working on political campaigns.


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Ready…Set… Run! is perfect for candidates starting out on their political journey.

You’ll learn where to begin, how to build a campaign team, and the vital first steps that can make the difference in winning or losing on Election Day.

Jump Start Your Fundraising

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If you’re going to run an effective campaign for office, you need to raise money.

In Jump Start Your Fundraising, I’ll show you how to successfully raise money for your campaign while also feeling good about yourself as you do it.


The Winning Message

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It’s not always the most qualified or best funded candidate that wins an election. Many times it is the candidate with the best message.

In The Winning Message, I’ll teach you the effective and proven six-step messaging formula I always use on the campaigns that I advise.

Winning Stump Speeches

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When you run for office you’re going to wind up giving speeches. A lot of them But most people are not public speakers.

In this course you’ll learn how to write your political campaign stump speech, properly rehearse it, and how to delivery it in a variety of settings.


Connecting With Voters

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Even if you have message that resonates with voters, it does you no good if they don’t hear what your campaign is saying.

In Connecting With Voters I’ll show you how to effectively target voters and how get your message to them through direct mail, phone calls, text messaging, email, and online.


Writing Winning Press Releases

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Even in our wireless digital world, political campaigns still need to send press releases.

In Writing Winning Press Releases I’ll show you the fundamentals of writing a good press release, how to properly format them, and where you should be sending them.

“There is so much to learn about how to run and win a campaign.

When I first ran for the Minnesota House of Representatives I used the information provided by The Campaign School and its training courses as the foundation for my campaign strategy.

I am now in my second term and know that Brian Floyd and The Campaign School played a large part in my success.”

Bjorn Olson, Minnesota State Legislator

and Campaign School alumnus

Path to Victory is our masterclass that contains all of the courses available from The Campaign School (sold above individually) as well as those that are not currently open for enrollment.

In Path to Victory you’ll learn:

  • How to build and launch a political campaign people take seriously
  • How to become a successful fundraiser without being sleazy
  • How to craft a campaign message that connects with the voters
  • How to effectively communicate that message out to the voters
  • How to write, rehearse, and deliver a powerful stump speech
  • How to write and distribute campaign press releases
  • And much more

Learn More about the Path to Victory Master Class