How to Make a Great Remit Envelope to Raise More Money

If you are going to raise money for your campaign you must have a remit envelope. A remit envelope is a key fundraising tool that provides you a means
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Precinct Blitz: How to Win More Votes on Election Day

The Precinct Blitz is all about identifying more voters for an Election Day win. A Precinct Blitz a very fast way build your campaign ID’s, that is, voters that are
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How Targeted Letters Help You Win on Election Day

Targeted letters are an effective campaign tool and a great way to share your winning message to voters. People are not writing letters any more.  It is old school. But
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How to Know What They Think: Win with a Robo Poll

Ever watch that Discovery show “Gold Rush“?  It reminds me of  conducting a campaign poll. I know this sounds silly.  And frankly I am a little reluctant to admit that I
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Top 5 Reasons Direct Mail Wins Big on Election Day

Political Direct Mail is one of the best ways to reach your voting universe – even in the digital age. Many continue argue that physical direct mail is finished
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How to Use Endorsements to Win on Election Day

Endorsements can give you an edge and help you win more votes on Election Day. The right endorsement will help voters know who you are and provide your campaign a level
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5 Lessons from D-Day Candidates Can Use to Win Elections

Election Day wins are earned by hard work and proper preparation far in advance of the election. I have recently been studying the Allied invasion of Normandy.  It is fascinating how much
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4 Lessons from Coco Chanel on How To Win More Votes

Coco Chanel is arguably one of the most fascinating and controversial women of the 20th century. I recently had the opportunity to read Mademoiselle: Coco Chanel and the Pulse
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Election Day Wins Take Discipline and Focus

Election Day victories are won by candidates who stay disciplined and focused I once had a client running to serve a second term as mayor of his city. He was being challenged by a
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How to Win Big with Early Voters

You will always win more votes if you make the effort to reach high propensity voters who mail in their ballots before most others vote. We call these voters who return
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