How to Win with an Election Day RoadMap

To get where you want to go you need a RoadMap. The best RoadMap for a political campaign is generated by a poll or voter survey measuring the value voters
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Candidates Can Raise Money and Feel Good About It

How to do Fundraising and Actually Feel Good About It

Fundraising is the hardest thing in the world for a candidate to do. It is the hardest thing in the world for anyone to do. Most of us are taught
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How to Win Big on Election Day by Walking Precincts

About 15 years ago I ran a field campaign for a guy that got elected to the California State Assembly. The candidate was a highly disciplined and articulate professional. He was serious
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How to Raise More Money with Back of the Envelope Fundraising

You need to do this ONE THING and start your fundraising right now. This is real simple.  And it will not cost you a dime. Have you heard of “back
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How to Win with Robo Calls on Election Day

How to win with Robo calls is a hotly debated topic that has been going on for decades now. Though many people beleive they are a complete waste of time,
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How Political Candidates Win Over Voters One Thank You Card at a Time

Thank you cards are a great way for candidates to score big points with voters, supporters, and donors. This is a million dollar piece of old school advice that
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