How to Write Winning Campaign Phone Scripts

A winning phone script is simple to write.

But many campaigns just don’t write good scripts.

The biggest challenge I see with campaigns is that they try to cram way too much information into a phone script.

Volunteer callers get frustrated and the voters just hang up or tune out.

I once worked on a California Gubernatorial campaign where we had a five-page phone script.

This script consisted of a page long introduction which was followed by pages of optional answers.

It was way too complicated to deal with.

The other problem I see is that the scripts are not targeted.

I have seen scripts using endorsements and issues that are totally wrong for the voters they were calling.

Many campaigns I have worked with have the consultant, media ,and direct mail people running their operations independently and not working with the phone program.

And even worse, the polling data did not seem to make it into the phone scripts.

I’m not sure why these campaigns don’t take their phone programs seriously and put the effort into writing a winning phone script.

This is a mistake.

Any voter contact made by the campaign is important and should be part of the total campaign strategy.

To make sure your campaign’s phone calling efforts are effective, I’ve written this free candidate guide The Winning Candidate’s Guide to Telephone Call Scripts.

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  • How to Target Your Phone Script

  • The Mistakes to Avoid with your Phone Program

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