How to Hire a Political Campaign Consultant

Are you thinking you need to hire a professional political consultant to run your campaign? If so, then you need to be slow and methodical about it. There’s five key
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How a Political Candidate can Raise $10,000 in 90 Minutes

To be successful political candidate you need to fundraise. Not only that, but in many instances you’re going to need to raise  the money fast. Believe it or not,
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How to Win: Just Say No to Billboards

Billboards are a waste of money for political campaigns.  And it’s not just billboards but any large roadside signs – like those 4×8 that candidates love. This article is
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Candidates who Confuse Voters Lose Elections

In education, if a teacher confuses their students, they lose the student. In marketing, if a company confuses their customers, they lose the customer. The same is true in
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How Fundraising Events Can Kill Campaigns

Warning:  Fundraising events can kill campaigns. Listen, these events definitely have their place in any campaign, but as a  campaign professional, I generally don’t encourage campaigns to host too many.
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Winning Lessons from Hillary Clinton’s DNC Speech

On July 28th, Hillary Clinton accepted the nomination of the Democratic Party to run as president this November.  That night she gave an acceptance speech to the assembled delegates of
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