Helping Good People Run Political Campaigns to Win Elections

If you found your way here, there’s a good chance you’re a political candidate running for an elected office, thinking about running, or helping a candidate who is running.

Please feel free to explore the articles, free guides, and courses that have been created to help candidates learn the right ways (and avoid the wrong ones) to run a political campaign that can win an election.

First Things First

You may be feeling a bit overwhelmed, somewhat confused, or unsure of what to do, where to start, and who you can trust with advice on how to win an election.

That’s all right. It’s normal. Nearly every single person who ran for office and got elected felt exactly the same way.

But they still learned what to do to win.

Some figured it out fast. Others hired professional help. Quite a few first lost, then learned from their mistakes and later won.

The Campaign School exists to help good people with good intentions and good ideas learn as quickly as possible how to successfully run a competitive political campaign for public office that can win an election.

The Secrets of Running a Political Campaign to Win an Election

If you want to quickly learn how to build, launch, and run a competitive political campaign that best positions you to win an election, this is the Master Class for you.

In Path to Victory you will learn:

  • How to Start and Launch Your Political Campaign
  • How to Jump Start Your Campaign Fundraising
  • How to Craft a Winning Campaign Message
  • How to Communicate Your Message to the Voters
  • How to Write and Deliver a Campaign Stump Speech
  • How to Write and Distribute Campaign Press Releases

Tap this link to enroll now and get instant access to the Path to Victory Master Class

A Free Guide for You

Every political campaign needs signs.

But not all signs are good signs. Some are absolutely awful.

Many campaign signs are hard to read, too busy, or have colors that don’t attract voters attention.

If you want have the best signs for your campaigns, then you need to learn the five secrets that make winning political campaign signs.

Top 5 Political Campaign Advice Articles

Over 200 articles full of actionable, winning advice for political candidates and campaigns are available in the The Campaign School library.

The following articles are consistently the most read and offer useful advice that every candidate should have.

How to Write a Winning Campaign Press Release

Even in the online digital age, every candidate needs to know how to properly write, format, and distribute press releases.

How to Chase Mail in Ballots to Win Elections

Having an effective ballot chasing program can make the difference between a winning and losing campaign.

Pros & Cons of Running Against an Incumbent

If you’re challenging an incumbent you need to know what you’re up against — as well as the opportunities you may have.

5 Ways Candidates Can Ask for Contributions

If you’re running for office you must raise money. Here’s five effective ways to ask for campaign contributions.

6 Components of a Campaign Stump Speech

As a candidate you need to give speeches — and the best candidates have a stump speech that include these six things.


“There is so much to learn about how to run and win a campaign. When I first ran for the Minnesota House of Representatives I used the information provided by The Campaign School and its training courses as the foundation for my campaign strategy. I am now in my second term and know that Brian Floyd and The Campaign School played a large part in my success.”

Bjorn Olson

Minnesota State Legislator

“Each time the elections presented unique challenges that had to be overcome. Each time with his help I have been directed in the right path with political statements, mailers, and emails that have got the voters attention on important issues and maintained them though out the campaign. I would recommend Brian’s team of experts to accomplish what seems impossible.”

Herb Higgins

former Mayor and City Councilman

“Brian Floyd is one of the most dedicated and aggressive consultants I’ve ever worked with. His love of his job is apparent in everything he does – and his loyalty to his clients is second-to-none. I’ve enjoyed working with him and know when he’s involved, its always going to be interesting. His job is to win – and he gets the job done.”

Jim Battin

California State Legislator, ret.

Hello. I’m Brian Floyd.

Since I was 8 years old I’ve been around political campaigns.

For the last 20 years I’ve been a professional political consultant. I’m proud to say that on the campaigns where my company has served as the lead consultant, my clients have won 86% of the time.

I started The Campaign School in 2015 because I was tired of seeing good people with good intentions and good ideas losing elections, because they didn’t know what to do, focused on the wrong things, or listened to people who gave them worthless advice.