One good person can make a huge difference for their community.

If you didn’t believe that you wouldn’t be running for elected office or even considering it.

But how do you get from being a candidate to becoming an elected official?

After all, many good people who run for office don’t win their election?

Why is that?

Bad advice and ineffective strategy can often lead good candidates to political ruin.

The lack of knowledge of what it actually takes to run a winning campaign many times will result in the candidate with the best ideas not getting elected.

So focusing s on the wrong things that seem important while neglecting the fundamentals is the cause of defeat.

I’ve seen it happen too many times — and frankly I’m tired of good people with great ideas not winning elections.

That’s why I started The Campaign School.

The Campaign School exists to provide candidates with the knowledge they need to win big on Election Day.

The advice and expertise you’ll find on here focuses on three main things:

  • How to reach the voters
  • How to effectively communicate
  • How to raise money to do so

If you want to win big on Election Day and put your ideas to work to improve the lives of those in your community, then I welcome you to The Campaign School.

I trust you will find the information we share here to be helpful to you as you chart your path to victory in your campaign.


Brian Floyd