One good person can make a difference.

If you didn’t believe that you wouldn’t be running for elected office or even considering it.

But how do you go from being a candidate to becoming an elected official?

After all, there are many good people who run for office and don’t win their election.

Why is that?

There are many reasons, but bad advice and ineffective strategy have often caused the defeat of many good people when the ballots have been counted.

The lack of knowledge of what it actually takes to run a serious and competitive political campaign many times results in the candidate with the best ideas losing.

On top of that there are many sleazy and unscrupulous individuals who tout themselves as “consultants” who are in it merely for the money and don’t have a clue as to what it takes to win an election.

I’ve seen these things happen far too many times and frankly I’m tired of good people with great ideas not winning elections — and many getting ripped off.

That’s why I started The Campaign School.

The Campaign School exists to provide candidates with the knowledge and skills needed to run a serious political campaign that can win on Election Day.

The advice and expertise you’ll find here focus

The fundamentals of running for office on these topics

  • The fundamentals of running for office
  • How to reach the voters in your district
  • How to communicate clearly and impactfully
  • How to raise money to fund your campaign
  • Utilizing new tools and technologies effectively

If you want to win big on Election Day and put your ideas to work to improve the lives of those in your community, then I welcome you to The Campaign School.

Should You Listen to Me?

If you’re skeptical about me and some of the things I’m saying, I don’t blame you at all.

Today it seems that everyone claims to be an “expert” or a “guru” in some field, yet they usually lack lack experience in the area they pretend to have authority in.

That’s where I’m different.

My name is Brian Floyd and I am the founder of The Campaign School.

I’ve spent most of my life around politics, have worked in the political arena for 28 years, and have been a professional political campaign consultant for 21 of those.

My interest in politics started when I was 8. That’s when my uncle, Dick Floyd, was elected to the State Assembly.

After graduating college I professionally entered politics. I served for three terms  on the staff of California State Assemblyman Rod Pacheco.

In 2003, I became a professional political campaign consultant.  I have worked across America on campaigns for Congress, state legislature, judge, county boards, city council, school board, and water board.

I’m proud to say that 86% of the campaigns where I’ve served as a lead consultant have been winners.

That’s why I trust you will find the information provided here to be helpful to you and your political campaign endeavors.


Brian Floyd

P.S.  If you have any questions, fill out the form below to contact me directly.