3 Types of Voter Contact Winning Candidates Use

Election Day is only 6 weeks away now. That means if you’re serious about winning, then your campaign’s voter contact activities should now be in full swing. Here’s the
Brian Floyd

5 Ways Candidates Can Ask for Campaign Money

As a candidate for elected office, unless you are independently wealthy and self-funding your campaign, you need to raise money. Signs, mailers, phone calls, polls, Facebook ads, you name
Brian Floyd

How to Know if a Voter is Really Going to Vote for You or Not

Most candidates who lose an election honestly thought they were going to win. Every voter they’ve talked to said they were votingĀ for them. But the results on Election Night
Brian Floyd

Winning Candidates Know When to Walk Precincts

With Labor Day now behind us, the traditional political campaign season is upon us. Your free time will become more scarce as most of your waking hours should be
Brian Floyd