There are three essential components when it comes to running a successful political campaign and winning an election.

1) Having a winning message

2) Targeting the right voters

3) Communicating your message to those voters.

When a campaign hires a general consultant, they oversee and manage these aspects of the campaign.

However, many campaigns do not have the financial ability to pay many thousands of dollars to hire a consultant, but they still need to get their winning message out to the voters.

To assist candidates and campaigns with limited resources, The Campaign School and its partners can provide the services provided by a general consultant on an as-needed basis — at a much more reasonable price.

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Services to Connect Candidates with the Voters

Direct Mail

Direct mail is often an essential part of a winning political campaign.

While many believe mail is no longer effective, in most local elections a combination of personalized letters, full color postcards, and large brochures are essential to winning.

Mail has long been my calling card, even earning me the nick name of “The Mail King” from a fellow consultant.

I create the copy (consistent with the campaign’s messaging) and the concept for each piece of mail, as well as an overall theme for the campaign’s mail program.

Working with a designer the mail is created and when approved by the candidate before it goes to print.  I then oversee the printing, targeting of voters, and the mailing process itself.

Telephone Calls & Texting

Making telephone calls and sending text messages is now an integral part of political campaigning.

To assist campaigns with this, I work directly with professional telephone vendors who provide service to numerous national, state, and local campaigns.

Working with the campaign, I develop scripts and voter targets for live telephone calling, mass texting, telephone town halls, and occasionally automated (robo) calls.

Campaign Flyers

I work with the candidate to create  eye-catching flyers that builds name identity, highlights the candidate’s qualification for office, and their priorities when elected.

These handouts can be used throughout the campaign for a wide variety of purposes.

Website & Social Media Management

Today voters are perpetually online, utilizing smart phones, tablets, and computers.  If your campaign does not have a website, it does not exist.

We can can create a website for your campaign that has a functional user experience on all screens (desktop, phone, and tablets) that conveys your message and allows you to raise money online.

Additionally, we can establish your campaign’s social media presence on the key platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, with a regular posting schedule of a variety types of sharable materials (images, texts, videos, etc).

Digital/Online Advertisements

Even if you have a winning message that resonates with the voters, if they don’t hear or see it, then it means nothing.

Almost all online visibility in search engines and on social platforms is driven by paid advertising.

Working with a nationally recognized firm that provides services to major national, state, and local races, we target display advertising at the targeted voters with messaging specific to what resonates with their demographic.

We also provide targeting and placement of social media advertising.  While most marketers will target their ads simply by using demographics, interests, and geography, this is too generic an approach for a serious political campaign.

On the campaigns I assist, we utilize a proprietary AI-powered, highly predictive modeling to place their ads directly before voters who agree with their policy positions regardless of partisan alignment.

If you are interested in any of these services, please submit your inquiry through the following contact form.

Services to Assist Candidates Develop a Winning Message

Message Development

I work directly with your campaign to identify top issues on the minds of the voters.

The message developed for the campaign focuses on identifying the three to five main issues/problems the voters are concerned about, developing the candidate’s plan for addressing/solving these concerns, and crafting a way to communicate this in a clear ,concise and convincing manner that is easy for voters to understand.


The best way to find out what is truly on the minds of the voters is with a public opinion survey which is commonly called a poll.

I partner with a nationally recognized pollster that has helped my clients win seemingly impossible elections over the last two decades.

The pollster surveys the district using a variety of contact methods to build a sample that provides an accurate snapshot of voter sentiments.

Items traditionally tested in a poll include overall mood of the voters, their level of satisfaction with the current state of affairs, their likelihood to vote, the top-of-mind issues concerning them, their sentiments on specific issues, their response to proposed solutions, as well as familiarity, favorability, and electability of candidates.

Voter Targeting

Analyzing individual voter data and previous election history, I develop turnout models for a campaign to predict who will be voting in the election based on a variety of factors.

Targets are then created for voter contact operations (direct mail, precinct canvassing, telephone operations, digital marketing, etc.) to help the candidate win.

Speech and Debate Preparation

Most people do not like public speaking.  It’s an often-quoted statistic that many individuals are more afraid of speaking in public than death itself.

I work directly with candidate to develop a stump speech that conveys their winning message.

The speech is rehearsed and refined until it becomes second nature to the candidate.  It can then be modified to fit different needs and occasions.

For debates and forums, I work with the candidate to prepare them for question likely to be asked during such public contests.

Potential statements, answers, and lines of attack by challengers are also studied to prepare the best response or rebuttal when these things arise.

If you are interested in any of these services, please submit the form below.