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3 Lazy Ways Political Candidates Can Raise Money

Political candidates love to spend money on their campaigns. They just hate the process of raising it. Many candidates feel uncomfortable asking for money and feel sleazy when doing
Brian Floyd

Why Mornings are the Best Time to Make Fundraising Calls

Is there a right time and a wrong one for a political candidate to make fundraising calls? Throughout my career I did not believe there was. I’d learned that
Brian Floyd

When Should a Political Candidate Start Running for Office?

One of the biggest things that harms a political candidate’s chances of winning an election if they start running too late. But when should a candidate start campaigning? And
Brian Floyd

If You Want to Win Your Election, You Need to Raise Money

The easiest way for a good candidate with good ideas to lose an election is by failing to raise money. Honesty, this happens far more than I’d like to
Brian Floyd

The X’s and O’s of Endorsements

Winning campaigns need to establish credibility and one of the quickest ways achieve this is by securing endorsements.  How?  Because endorsements allow the candidate to tell donors, voters and
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3 Ways Winning Candidates Raise Money Fast for Their Campaigns

Money and politics go hand in hand. It often gets a bad rap and sometimes for good reason (case in Point – don’t be this guy). But as a
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Remit Envelopes: Don’t Leave Home Without Them

Whether you are a first time candidate or an incumbent, you need to have Candidate Emergency Kit. Like any roadside emergency kit, it’s a good idea to make sure
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7 Essentials of a Winning Campaign Fundraising Letter

Raising money is the crux of any political campaign, but most candidates dread the thought of asking for money. Many candidates think they need to hold a fundraising event.
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5 Ways Candidates Can Ask for Campaign Money

As a candidate for elected office, unless you are independently wealthy and self-funding your campaign, you need to raise money. Signs, mailers, phone calls, polls, Facebook ads, you name
Brian Floyd

How a Political Candidate can Raise $10,000 in 90 Minutes

To be successful political candidate you need to fundraise. Not only that, but in many instances you’re going to need to raise  the money fast. Believe it or not,
Brian Floyd