3 Ways Winning Candidates Raise Money Fast for Their Campaigns

Money and politics go hand in hand. It often gets a bad rap and sometimes for good reason (case in Point – don’t be this guy). But as a candidate you know its essential to tell your story, spread your message, and raise your name ID. The only way to do that is to raise money and do it quickly.

How does one do that?

The following are 3 tried and true methods of quickly building up your campaign war chest:

1. Facebook

We all use it.  If you don’t then you we need to talk.

Facebook is a quick way to reach out to thousands of friends and supporters at once. Facebook friends already know you so you so you don’t have to waste time telling them your background. Just ask!

Facebook vs Email

In my opinion you should do both. However many folks these days have different spam filters and you can’t always be sure emails will be received and read.

Facebook on the other hand can be directed at certain friends or groups. Targeting is always important on a campaign, especially on Facebook.

2. Direct Letter

An old fashioned letter in an envelope with a stamp to donors and friends is a quick and easy way to send a personal request for monetary support.

A fundraising letter can be written directly by the candidate, a political or business leader or even by a family

Remember the key to a direct letter is to make it as personal as possible. Getting the donor to open the envelope is key.  If they don’t open it, then there’s no way they’re going to be sending your campaign money

3. Phone Calls

Making phone calls to ask for money is every candidate’s worst nightmare.

Calling a complete stranger asking them for money is equivalent to looking forward to having a root canal.

However, it is by far one of the fastest, cheapest and most effective ways to raise campaign funds.

Just like walking precincts, “dialing for dollars” is simply calling folks who may have an interest investing in your campaign. I suggest spending one hour a day making calls.

And remember, you’re not asking for money for yourself.  You’re raising money for your campaign so you can win election and improve the quality of life in your community. That’s something you can and should feel good about.


The best time to call is 10-11 or 3-4 (avoid morning and lunch hours)

Candidate Take-Aways

Raising money for a campaign is hard work. That’s why the candidates who can’t or won’t do it (it’s usually won’t) don’t win elections.

Don’t psych yourself out with excuses about why you can’t raise money.

You can raise money for your campaign. You can feel good about it. You can do it fast.  And you can go out there and achieve victory on Election Night.

Now set the time aside to put these three winning practices to work, raise the money you need to tell your story to the voters, and win your election.