Remit Envelopes: Don’t Leave Home Without Them

Whether you are a first time candidate or an incumbent, you need to have Candidate Emergency Kit.

Like any roadside emergency kit, it’s a good idea to make sure you keep a box with a few essential items in your car at all times.

One of those items is remit envelopes.

What is a remit envelope?

Think of these handy little envelopes like the Swiss army knife of a campaign.

Remit envelopes serve multiple functions and are great for fundraising, endorsements, volunteers and collecting information like emails and phone numbers.

Because remit envelopes are compact, they are easy for candidates to carry around and hand them out at events.

Even in the digital age when many contributors make their donations online instead of by writing checks, remit envelopes are an essential for candidates to have.

What should your remit envelope look like?

Each campaign will vary, but there are a few key components that remit envelopes should have on them.

Outside of  the Remit Envelope

Front Side:

  • Your Campaign Logo
  • Your Return Address
  • Stamp Box  with a reminder for folks to place a first class stamp when mailing back to the campaign.

Here’s an example from a campaign I’m currently working on.


Back Side:

Don’t waste this space. Let your donors know you appreciate them with a thank you message.


Inside of  the Remit Envelope:

Above the flap:

At the very top you want to grab a supporters attention by giving them different options of how they can help your campaign.

Supporters can mark a box to Host an Event, Host a Coffee, Place a Yard Sign, Walk a Precinct, Volunteer at HQ.

Below that you should have a similar area for various donation requests.  List various amounts and always always always include an option for donors to give their own amount. You label this space as Other Amount.


Below the flap:

The information below the flap of your remit envelopes should primarily serve as an area where a supporter can fill out their name and contact information.

You should also include credit card information. I find that at least half of the envelopes that are returned have credit card donations.

Last but not least don’t forget to include your legally required campaign committee disclaimer.

This varies from state to state and sometimes by jurisdiction. Be certain to check the rules and regulations that apply in your specific area.

And if you have room still available, you should include your campaign’s website.


How much will remit envelopes cost?

On average a box of 500 remit envelopes should not cost you more than $300.

These envelopes are typically not available at an office supply store and are normally ordered from a specialty store.

To help reduce costs, a campaign can choose to print these in one color, basically black or blue ink on white envelopes.

Candidate Take Aways

Fundraising is an essential part of every winning campaign.

Make it easy on your potential donors by always having remit envelopes with you. It’s an easy way to collect contribution on the spot.

Remits also serve as a good “leave behind” for potential donors who want to mail their contribution to your campaign, or donate to your campaign online.

And in addition to collected needed funds for your campaign, you might also get some volunteers and locations for your yard signs.

If you don’t have remit envelopes already printed, then now that you’ve finished this article, you should take the winning tips here and get some designed then printed for your campaign.