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It Takes More Than Money to Win an Election (Ask Jon Ossoff)

Believe it or don’t, money isn’t the most important factor in determining who wins an election. Yes, having plenty of cash on hand is necessary if you’re serious about
Brian Floyd

Why Winning Candidates Must Have 100% Focus on Victory

There’s really only one thing that differentiates a winning political candidate from a losing office seeker. It’s so clear and obvious that many candidates miss it. Simply put, winning
Brian Floyd

Why Winning Candidates Say “No” to Campaign Junk

When you become a candidate for elected office you’ll become inundated by people who want to “help” with your campaign. Don’t be fooled. Falling for their B.S. it could
Brian Floyd

Why Winning Candidates Must Say No to Campaign Junk

Once you become a candidate for office and your phone number, address, and email become public information you’ll be inundated by people who want to “help” with your campaign.
Brian Floyd

3 Ways Winning Candidates Build a Base of Support

A major component of every winning campaign is a base of support. Candidates with a solid, loyal base of support tend to win elections. But what if you’re just
Brian Floyd

Top 5 Things Political Candidates Learn from a Poll

Many candidates think they are going to win, but when the ballots are counted on Election Night they go down in flames. This usually happens because they never knew
Brian Floyd

How to Handle Interruptions during Live Campaign Events & Interviews

As well planned as your campaign might be, unexpected disruptions will occur.  Such interruptions are most likely to happen during a live event or interview than at any other
Brian Floyd

5 Winning Principles Tom Brady Can Teach Candidates

Wasn’t that the most incredible Super Bowl ever? I couldn’t believe it. As late as the fourth quarter I honesty thought the Patriots were done and the Falcons were
Brian Floyd

5 Ways Candidates Get Ripped Off During Campaigns

About every year a story surfaces about a political candidate getting ripped off by someone helping on their campaign. A few years back, professional campaign treasurer Kinde Durkee was
Brian Floyd

The Story Behind Donald Trump’s Election Victory (and what you can learn from it)

A week and a half ago Donald Trump did the improbable and what many considered the impossible – he won the election to serve as the next president of
Brian Floyd