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5 Biggest Lies Political Candidates Believe

  It won’t surprise anyone that lies and politics often go together like peanut butter and jelly, franks and beans, baseball and apple pie, or any other simile of
Brian Floyd

The Importance of Political Candidate Research on a Campaign

As a candidate for elected office it’s a good idea to know both the strengths and the vulnerabilities of not only your opponents, but also of yourself as a
Brian Floyd

One Question Political Candidates Must Answer Before Running

Before running for office, political candidates needs to ask themselves if they are willing to go negative during the campaign. If the answer is no, then they should
Brian Floyd

How Winning Candidates Identify Their Supporters

In the simplest of terms, the candidate who gets the most votes in an election is the winner. Many candidates, including those who raise plenty of money and do
Brian Floyd

The First 7 Things Winning Political Candidates Should Do

I get asked by a lot of first time political candidates what are the first things they should do once they decide to run for office. You’re probably wondering
Brian Floyd

What Tom Brady Can Teach Political Candidates About Winning

Whether your love or hate Tom Brady, there is much political candidates can learn from Brady and his NFL career. The principles that Tom Brady has lived by earned
Brian Floyd

3 Things All Political Campaigns Have in Common

All political campaigns have three things in common, regardless of whether they are successful or not:  the candidate who’s running, the money spent, and the issues important during the
Brian Floyd

Why Candidates Should Never Use Gmail as Their Campaign Email

As a candidate for elected office you’ll need a distinct email address for your campaign. A lot of candidates attempt to do this by creating a free Gmail account.
Brian Floyd

Candidate Beware! The Press is not a Friend to your Campaign

As a candidate for elected office you will need to deal with press in some form of fashion. Most people who have never run for office lack any experience
Brian Floyd

Top 3 Things Winning Political Campaigns Have in Common

All winning political campaigns have three elements in common, I call them the 3 Important M’s: Message, Money, and Minutes. If you want to win your election, you must
Brian Floyd