What Kind of Elected Official Will You Be? A Leader or a Politician?

This wasn’t the article I intended to publish today. I’m not even sure I should be writing it.

However it’s something I feel very strongly about and want to share with you.

The picture below is what motivated me to do so.

That’s Daryl Hudeck, a Houston police officer rescuing Connie Pham and her 13 month old son in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in 2017. (Used for editorial purposes only)

This image conveys so much of what I know and love about the United States of America.

This picture was taken in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. It once again reminds us that we often see the best of American character in its most tragic moments.

Unfortunately, this virtuous America  is not that often reflected by the politicians, pundits, and protestors attempting to grab attention on television or Twitter with their outrageous words or actions.

It’s the real America where people care more about their neighbors than any political or ethnic differences that may exist between them.

These Americans who make up the majority of this great country simply want to work hard and build good lives for themselves.

They usually want to be left alone and not criticized or shamed for their political views, religion, or who they hang out with on weekends.

They vote even if they are skeptical about their vote amounting to much.

That’s because they are frustrated. They’re frustrated because too many politicians only want to talk rather than produce results.

They’re not afraid of vigorous debates, but they’re tired of pointless bickering.

But that’s what we get from politicians, a lot of talk.

If you want leadership, then you need to elect leaders.

Our country and our communities needs leaders.  It needs them badly.

America needs leaders who when elected will put their focus on results rather than seek applause for their efforts.

It needs leaders who will use their partisan ideology as a compass that guides effective compromise, not as a prison that ensures perpetual gridlock and more difficult problems to solve later.

It needs leaders who will go to work on behalf of the people who elected them to get things done, things that are truly in the common good of their community, even if it means working with another elected official they’d never vote for in a million lifetimes.

What type of a person are you?

Are you a leader or are you a politician?

If you’re reading this and using the articles published here in to help your campaign, I sincerely hope that you are a leader.

We have enough politicians in America.

They will always be in abundance.

How do you know if you can truly labeled as a politician?

If you’re only running for office because you want to “be somebody important” or to advocate the narrow views of a single interest, you’re a politician.

And if that’s the case, please stop using the resources I’m providing.

You’re part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Now if you’re still here, I trust that means you are a leader or want to provide leadership to your community as an elected official.

That’s good.

What we need today is more leaders.

We need people who will both serve and sacrifice for their community, those who will do the hard work, toil for thankless hours, and get things done for their community even if they don’t receive the recognition they rightfully deserve.

That’s what a leader does and that’s why I hope you’re running for elected office.

Now I know you’re probably not running for the Congress. You’re probably a candidate on a much more local level.

That’s fine. You’re exactly where you need to be to provide leadership.

Our Constitution starts with the words “We the People….” not “We the States” or “We the Governing Elite.”

Our democratic republic derives it’s power from the people.

And no where are the people closer with those serving in their government than at the local level of every community spread across these 50 United States.

As a member of a city council, county commission, or school board you can be a leader and get things done and have great influence.

Not only can you accomplish great things on behalf of your community, you can also have an amazing impact on the political tone and direction of our great country.

Be the leader your community and our country needs.

That’s why I started this website.

To help leaders win elections and make a positive difference.

The more leaders who get elected to office the better off we’ll all be, even if I never get the chance to vote for you myself.