CANDIDATE TRAINING – Secrets of a Winning Political Campaign Stump Speech

Today we’re releasing a new candidate training: Secrets of a Winning Political Campaign Stump Speech.

Once you decide to run for public office you become a public speaker.

A lot of people have never given a speech before and it scares the daylights out of them.

But there’s no reason for you to be afraid…especially if you take this course.

Secrets of a Winning Political Campaign Stump Speech is broken into five easy to digest modules.

Module 1: The Role of the Stump Speech

In this first module, you’ll learn the purpose of a stump speech in a political campaign and the different places you can deliver it, either in full or in part, during your campaign.

Module 2: Writing Your Stump Speech, Part 1

This module is the first of two parts about writing your stump speech. You’ll learn how to open your speech, use humor early, and quickly convey key information about yourself.

Module 3:  Writing Your Stump Speech, Part 2

Here you’ll learn what makes up the substance of your speech and the importance of closing on a strong note.

Module 4: Rehearse Your Speech

In this module you’ll learn the importance of rehearsing your speech. The more you practice, the more natural you’ll be when asked to speak. You’ll also see what words to avoid when speaking.

Module 5: Give Your Speech

In this final module, you’ll learn to stop worrying about public speaking, the importance of arriving early, and some advance tips that will make you a much better speaker.

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