Don’t Make These Mistakes With Your Candidate Comparisons

In a close or a tough race one of the most effective ways to distinguish yourself from your opponent, or opponents, is by doing a candidate comparison. Candidate comparisons allow you to highlights your strengths and attributes while contrasting them against the weaknesses and flaws of at least one other candidate.

Comparisons are also a great way to go on the attack without coming off as negative.  If you follow these 7 Steps for a Winning Campaign Comparison you’ll be able to lead the voters to the conclusion that you are the best person for the job without coming across as biased or nasty.

In the video below we look at the comparison mailers sent out by Andy Wilson and Phil Hosp as they campaign against each other for a seat on the city council in Pasadena, California.

Both candidates are putting a fair amount of money into their campaigns and voter contact.  But as with their signs, the positive mail they sent, and their attack pieces, these comparisons miss the mark.

What did you think of the comparisons sent out by Andy Wilson and Phil Hosp?

Can you see how the mistakes they made in their comparisons undermined their effectiveness?

Even with those mistakes, which candidate do you think did a better comparison mailer in this race?