With 2017 winding down, I decided to take a look and see what articles were being read the most here at The Campaign School.  As five of the most read articles contain important campaign fundamentals, they are definitely worth sharing with you.

How to Write a Winning Campaign Press Release

Press releases are one of the first forms of communication most political candidates will use.

Press releases provide news from your campaign out to the traditional media and draws attention to your candidacy.

Not only that, but you’ll publish them on your website, email them to voters, and share them on social media.

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How to Write a Winning Campaign Phone Script

Live telephone calls are an essential part of a winning campaign’s voter contact strategy.

However, you can’t make them all by yourself. You need volunteers and paid callers.

But they won’t know what to say about you unless they have a good phone script in hand.

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6 Winning Components of a Winning Stump Speech

Public speaking goes hand-in-glove with running for office.

Unfortunately, most candidates don’t have experience with public speaking.

These six components will guide you so you give a strong speech that sticks to your main message.

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15 Best Email Practices for Winning Political Candidates

Email is an inexpensive way for any political candidate to reach the voters.

However there are many ways that a campaign can go wrong when sending emails.

These 15 best practices will help keep you out of trouble and assist you in connecting with your  voters.

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Picking a Winning Campaign Website Name

If a candidate does not have a website in today’s world, then the candidate does not exist.

But it’s not enough to simply have a website. Voters need to be able to easily find you online.

That’s where having the right domain name for your campaign website comes into play.

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The Campaign School will be on hiatus for the remainder of December.

We will return with new articles and features at the beginning of 2018.

Thank you for reading the informational articles here. Your support is greatly appreciated.

I hope you find the campaigning advice provided here helpful to your campaign.