As a candidate for office, you need to introduce yourself to the highly likely voters in your area fast. The best way to do this is with personal introduction letters.


Direct mail is the most effective way to communicate with the voters in a local contest.

You can target your mail specifically at the voters you want (and usually need) to communicate with.

And when most campaigns are only sending out tons of glossy mailers, personal letters sent directly to a voter stand out.

That’s why such personal letters are a great way to introduce yourself and start your voter persuasion efforts.

To help you understand the best way to use personal introduction letters on your campaign, I’ve created The Winning Candidate’s Guide to Personal Introduction Letters.

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In this free candidate guide you’ll find the answer to these important questions, and many more.

Who should you send the introduction letter to?

When should you send the introduction letter?

What should be written in the introduction letter?

What else should be sent with the introduction letter?

Should I put a stamp on the enclosed endorsement card?

Learn how to personal introductions can help you win your election, by getting your free copy of The Winning Candidate’s Guide to Personal Introduction Letters.

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