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Coronavirus Crisis & Political Campaigning

What are you going to do now?

The pandemic the novel coronavirus has disrupted almost every aspect of American life — including your political campaign.

You can’t go door-to-door to talk to voters about your candidacy.

You can’t hold rallies or town hall meetings to make your case for being elected.

And asking a local business owner for a contribution seems totally insensitive.

But Election Day for you is still coming — even if yours may have been postponed.

To help you and other candidates running for office meet these challenges and position yourself to win your election, I’ve added this new campaign advice section to The Campaign School.

The Coronavirus & Political Campaigns is here to provide you with specific advice and strategies that political campaigns can use to effectively adapt to the current circumstances in our country and in your community.

Here’s a list of advice articles you should read to adjust your campaign to the Coronavisur Crisis — and more are on the way:

I hope you find all of these helpful to you and your campaign.

Thank you for visiting The Campaign School.

We’re all in this together regardless of political party, age, education, gender, ethnicity, religion, or financial status.

Be well and stay safe!


Brian Floyd

Founder, TheCampaignSchool.com

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