Seriously.  How can I help you win your election?

That’s the reason I started The Campaign School in the first place: to help good people get elected to public office.

I’ve seen too many qualified people lose elections because they didn’t know what to do to win or how to do it.

With over 100 articles on the website, my collaborators and I have done our best to share with you the knowledge and the skills needed to win an election.

We’ve attempted to do it in a no BS way that cuts to the heart of the matter in a way too many consultants won’t do even with their paying clients.

Almost all of what’s published here is based on my years of experience as to what works and what doesn’t when it comes to running a winning political campaign.

But that doesn’t mean that I’m not missing something? It doesn’t mean that you have a campaign question that hasn’t been answered here?

So what can I do to help you win your election?

  • Do you need help crafting a winning message for your campaign?
  • Are you struggling with fundraising and need advice in that area?
  • Do you need someone to help you to design an eye-catching and winning sign?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed and not sure what to do and when to do it?
  • Is there an issue that’s arisen in your campaigning that you’re not sure how to handle?

Whatever it may be, I want to know about it. But I can’t know unless you take the time to tell me.

The Campaign School is here to serve you, the candidate, in your efforts in winning your election.

That’s what I want to do — help you succeed as a candidate.

Tell me how I can better do that.

And if you have a question or issue that’s plaguing you, there’s a good chance other candidates do as well, so you’ll be helping them too.

Feel free to email me directly at and let me know.