How Winning Candidates Identify Their Supporters

In the simplest of terms, the candidate who gets the most votes in an election is the winner. Many candidates, including those who raise plenty of money and do a ton of advertising, have no clue how they really won. And in many cases losing candidates don’t understand how that happened because they think they’ve […]

Why Voter Identification is Essential to Winning a Political Campaign

As Election Day comes closer, your campaign activities will switch from those of persuasion to those of GOTV – Getting Out The Vote. Many candidates make a huge mistake trying to get all voters to cast a ballot. They’re actually helping remind their opponents to vote. It’s why voter identification is so important to a […]


The Secrets of a Successful Get Out The Vote Operation

When I first stepped into a campaign headquarters I kept hearing the term GOTV. I thought it was a special election program for campaign insiders. Quickly I found out GOTV meant Get Out The Vote! There are many methods of getting out the vote however, there are two you should be doing:  making phone calls […]


Why Winning Candidates Always Chase the Early Voters

As I recently wrote, not all voters are equal. Some voters are more important than others because they always vote. These high propensity voters are key to winning a local election, especially if turnout is low. But there’s a subset of these valuable voters that’s especially important to win – the early voters. The voters […]


How to Win (or Lose) Elections with High Propensity Voters

They literally can make or break your chances

In America we believe that all people are equal regardless of gender, age, race, religion, income, or education. Our votes are all equal on Election Day. But on political campaigns some voters are much more important than others. Now before you decry our broken system, let me assure you this has nothing to do with […]


Grassroots: How to build a winning Election Day coalition

A Guest Article to the Campaign School

Scott Adams contributed this article on grassroots organization to The Campaign School. Scott is a bonafide campaign professional who wrote the book on grassroots organizing.  He cut his political teeth in the Great State of Minnesota running Paul Wellstone’s successful bid for US Senate back in the 1980’s. Since then Scott has further distinguished himself […]


How to win one ballot at a time with VBM Chase

This can be crazy fun and is like doing GOTV every day for a month

VBM (Vote by Mail) Chase  wins campaigns. Running a good chase program is like GOTV every day of the month running up through Election Day. A good VBM Chase program requires commitment, tenacity and organization and frankly just plain old hard work. All winning campaigns always have a good VBM chase program in place. It […]


Be First in the Mail and win the Early Voter

With Vote By Mail you got to Start Early

Everybody has heard about the early voter. Every campaign knows there are a group of voters that turn their ballots in as soon as they get them in the mail. Generally, this is about thirty days before election day. But guess what? Most campaigns fail to get a single mail piece out before those ballots […]


Target: How to Win More With High Propensity Voters

High Propensity voters are going to vote - Make sure they are voting for you

Target the right voters and you have a better chance of winning your election. The best place to start is figuring out who the high prosperity voters are and do your best to figure out where they stand in your election. Start with this target group and then drill down. The first target or group of […]


Voter Identification: How to be a Winner on Election Day

Knowing where your voters are will give you an edge

Voter Identification is one of the most important tasks you must engage in if you want to win your election. Voter Identification is simply figuring out who will vote for you, who will not, and who is undecided. Voter identification allows you to target the right voters with your limited resources so you can win […]