Should Political Candidates Be Sending Mass Text Messages to Voters?

Candidates for elected office should definitely be making live phone calls and sending emails to the voters. With nearly everyone having a mobile phone these days, live calls and emails will likely connect you directly with a voter. And so will text messages. Mass text messaging is now a service phone vendors, including my own […]


Why Candidates Should Consider Sending Thanksgiving Cards

With the holiday season upon us, many candidates are thinking about sending Christmas cards to their supporters. But might I suggest you send Thanksgiving cards instead? First, I am a huge proponent of sending out personal hand written notes and cards¬†sent at any time. A personal note goes a long way to cement a relationship. […]


5 Lessons for Candidates from the Virginia November 2017 Election

What you should learn from Ralph Northam's victory in the Old Dominion

Last Tuesday in Virginia,¬† Ed Gillespie and Republicans took a serious pummeling at the hands of Ralph Northam and the Democrats. The pundits are all talking about what these results could foreshadow in the 2018 midyear elections. But what does last week’s election in Old Dominion mean to you as a candidate for office? First […]


It Takes More Than Money to Win an Election (Ask Jon Ossoff)

CASE STUDY: 5 Lessons from the Georgia Congressional Special Election

Believe it or don’t, money isn’t the most important factor in determining who wins an election. Yes, having plenty of cash on hand is necessary if you’re serious about winning. But there are other elements just as vital to winning as an overflowing campaign checking account. Ask Jon Ossoff. Last Tuesday, anyone interested in American […]

7 Secrets of a Winning Political Candidate Comparison

If done right this will define both you and your opponent

One of the most important things winning candidates do is successfully define themselves to the voters. Who they are. What they stand for. What they want to do. This is true in all successful political campaigns. In a contested election where at least one of your opponents has significant support — or where a large […]