5 Ways Political Candidates Can Reach Early Voters

Election Day is roughly a month away, but with many voters in many states now being allowed to vote early, actually voting is getting ready to start. With early voters making up a larger and larger share of the electorate, you can’t afford to ignore these voters. In many races, especially close contests, the votes […]


Live Telephone Calls vs. Robo Calls on a Political Campaign

Even in the age of the Internet, email, and Facebook, telephone calls remain a highly effective way to contact voters. In almost every campaign I run telephone calls are an essential part along with direct mail and precinct walking. But should your campaign be making live calls or blasting out robo calls? I won’t lie. […]


Why Live Telephone Calls Still Win Political Campaigns

And what your volunteers should be saying on the phone

As a candidate for office, there are many ways for you to communicate with the voters. But which methods are best? Which ones are the best use of your time and money? You might be surprised to learn that telephone calls remain a great way for you to reach the voters. On local campaigns, I’ve consistently seen three types […]


When Live Political Campaign Telephone Calls Go Bad

I’m a huge proponent of candidates making live phone calls. Live telephone calls are a great way to reach the voters, especially those who are not home when you knock on their doors or who live in remote places. But sometimes live calls don’t go well and they can backfire on a candidate. The Benefits […]


5 Ways Telephone Town Hall Meetings Help Candidates Win

Have you ever heard of a Telephone Town Hall Meeting? Have you ever participated in one? Have you considering hosting one as a candidate? It might surprise you to learn but a Telephone Town Hall Meeting is one of the best kept secrets in politics. You can use them to solidify support, enlist volunteers, and […]


3 Types of Voter Contact Winning Candidates Use

...and you should too

Election Day is only 6 weeks away now. That means if you’re serious about winning, then your campaign’s voter contact activities should now be in full swing. Here’s the three types of voter contact every candidate who intends to be victorious on Election Night should be fully engaged in until the polls close. 1.  One-on-One […]


How to Write Winning Campaign Phone Scripts

A winning phone script is simple to write. But many campaigns just don’t write good scripts. The biggest challenge I see with campaigns is that they try to cram way too much information into a phone script. Volunteer callers get frustrated and the voters just hang up or tune out. I once worked on a California […]


Robo Call Recordings: How to Win on Election Day

The Right Script and Recording will Get You More Votes

Any winning robo call recording should be made with the same care and consideration taken with any mail piece, yard sign, television ad or radio spot made for your campaign. A robo call is simply another tool to get your winning message, your one sentence, to the voters. Campaigns Often Don’t Put Real Effort into Robo […]


Knowing the Right Times to Make Your Campaign Calls

  Campaign Calls are most effective when done at the right time for YOUR campaign. When NOT to make Campaign Calls We need to get this out of the way up front.  There are some times when you should definitely not be trying to call voters: Before 9 AM or after 9 PM:  You don’t want […]


How Political Candidates Win with Live Telephone Calls

Telephone calls are an essential part of every successful political campaign’s voter contact strategy. Now there are two ways to call voters:  making live calls or using recorded messages delivered through automated services commonly referred to as “robo calls.” My preference (and that of many many voters) is actually for live calls. Live calls can […]