VIDEO CASE STUDY: Mistakes Many Candidates Make with Political Campaign Mailers

Part 2 in our series examining the Andy Wilson-Phil Hosp race in Pasadena, CA

Mail is a major part of many winning campaigns, especially those for local office. In today’s case study we take a look at two mostly positive mailers in the Pasadena City Council race between appointed incumbent Andy Wilson and his most serious challenger, Phil Hosp. As we did in the last video case study in […]

Be First in the Mail and win the Early Voter

With Vote By Mail you got to Start Early

Everybody has heard about the early voter. Every campaign knows there are a group of voters that turn their ballots in as soon as they get them in the mail. Generally, this is about thirty days before election day. But guess what? Most campaigns fail to get a single mail piece out before those ballots […]


How to Win Big With Slate Cards on Election Day

Slate Cards or Voter Guides Are a Great Supplement to your Mail Program

Do slate cards work? Heck, yes, they work! That is why several million dollars are spent on them every year in Californa. Purchasing placement on a slate card is a smart move when running for office. Slates, also known as voter guides, put your winning message in the hands of targeted voters while saving you […]


How to Win on Election Day With Political Mail

5 Simple Rules Will Help You Win on Election Day

Political Mail wins elections. That’s a fact. However, to win with Political Mail you must follow some basic rules. Copy – Short and to the point.  With Political Mail, you are not writing a book. Hire a professional copywriter that has experience doing political work. A professional political writer or political consultant will know how to present your winning […]


7 Rules for Winning with Glossy Mailers

There’s one big reason that political candidates for office – especially local candidates – send nice glossy mailers to the voters.  They work. Despite the proclamations of those who say that mail is dead, it’s not.  The proof is in your mail box in the weeks and days leading up to an election. While texting, […]


8 Rules for Winning with Political Letters

Letters may be old fashioned but they can work electoral wonders

You can always tell when an election is around the corner — your mail box if filled with political letters, glossy flyers, and various types of mailers. This might tempt you to think that sending mail is pointless and you don’t need to do it. On the contrary.  Direct mail, along with door to door contact […]


7 Secrets of a Winning Political Candidate Comparison

If done right this will define both you and your opponent

One of the most important things winning candidates do is successfully define themselves to the voters. Who they are. What they stand for. What they want to do. This is true in all successful political campaigns. In a contested election where at least one of your opponents has significant support — or where a large […]


How Targeted Letters Help You Win on Election Day

Write a letter, send it to a voter, and earn their support

Targeted letters are an effective campaign tool and a great way to share your winning message to voters. People are not writing letters any more.  It is old school. But guess what? Targeted letters work. This article in Forbes by Lois Geller makes that clear. The article is about marketing.  But what is a political campaign?  It is […]


How Political Candidates Win Over Voters One Thank You Card at a Time

Thank You Cards Score Big Points for Candidates with Voters and Suporters

Thank you cards are a good way for you to score big points with voters, supporters, and donors. This is a million dollar piece of old school advice that is the simplest thing a candidate can to win the hearts of voters and their election in the process. Sadly, most candidates don’t get around to doing […]