5 Ways Political Candidates Can Reach Early Voters

Election Day is roughly a month away, but with many voters in many states now being allowed to vote early, actually voting is getting ready to start. With early voters making up a larger and larger share of the electorate, you can’t afford to ignore these voters. In many races, especially close contests, the votes […]


Why Live Telephone Calls Still Win Political Campaigns

And what your volunteers should be saying on the phone

As a candidate for office, there are many ways for you to communicate with the voters. But which methods are best? Which ones are the best use of your time and money? You might be surprised to learn that telephone calls remain a great way for you to reach the voters. On local campaigns, I’ve consistently seen three types […]


Why Winning Candidates Make Live Phone Calls

In recent years I’ve faced a certain amount of push back from candidates about making live calls for their campaigns.  They don’t think their effective.  They don’t think people answer their phones anymore.  They think live calls are a waste of money. From my experience running campaigns and winning elections I can state clearly that their […]


How Political Candidates Win with Live Telephone Calls

Telephone calls are an essential part of every successful political campaign’s voter contact strategy. Now there are two ways to call voters:  making live calls or using recorded messages delivered through automated services commonly referred to as “robo calls.” My preference (and that of many many voters) is actually for live calls. Live calls can […]