Why Family Must Always Come First on Political Campaigns

Do you know what the most important asset a candidate can have when running for office?  It’s not money. It’s not volunteers. It’s not a winning message. While all those things are important, the one thing I’ve found that matters most to a winning candidate is family. Family should always come first in your political […]


3 Ways Winning Candidates Can Go Negative on Campaigns

You may not want to hear this but there is a place in many political campaigns for going negative.  Why? Because at the end of the day negative campaigning works. Most people say they don’t like it and many candidates say they’ll never go negative. But if you’re serious about winning, then you must be […]


Don’t Make These Mistakes With Your Candidate Comparisons

Part 4 in our case study of the Andy Wilson - Phil Hosp race for Pasadena City Council

In a close or a tough race one of the most effective ways to distinguish yourself from your opponent, or opponents, is by doing a candidate comparison. Candidate comparisons allow you to highlights your strengths and attributes while contrasting them against the weaknesses and flaws of at least one other candidate. Comparisons are also a […]


The Wrong Way to do Negative Political Attack Mail

Part 3 of our case study of the Andy Wilson-Phil Hosp race in Pasadena, CA

The late U.S. Senator Lloyd Bentsen once said, “politics is a full contact sport.” That means if you’re going to run for office you’re likely to get hit with an attack. It also means you’re probably going to have to hit back at the opponent who attacked you. As with all things, there’s a right […]

7 Rules for Going Negative on Political Campaigns

Most voters will tell you they’re turned off by negative campaigning literature. They’re probably telling the truth, but at the same time negative campaigning is influencing their vote. How can this be?  How can voters who adamantly hate negative campaigning, have their voting behavior swayed when a candidate is attacked? Why Voters Respond to Negative […]