How Winning Candidates Identify Their Supporters

In the simplest of terms, the candidate who gets the most votes in an election is the winner. Many candidates, including those who raise plenty of money and do a ton of advertising, have no clue how they really won. And in many cases losing candidates don’t understand how that happened because they think they’ve […]

The Secrets of a Successful Get Out The Vote Operation

When I first stepped into a campaign headquarters I kept hearing the term GOTV. I thought it was a special election program for campaign insiders. Quickly I found out GOTV meant Get Out The Vote! There are many methods of getting out the vote however, there are two you should be doing:  making phone calls […]


Winning Candidates Don’t Stop Getting Out The Vote

GOTV all day on Election Day

If you want to win your election, you need to Get Out the Vote (aka GOTV) all day on Election Day — or you may not win. I have seen it too many times. Many campaigns start slacking off on Election Day. Campaign workers get gitty.  They start fooling around and stop contacting voters. I have […]


GOTV Victory: How to Win by Getting Out The Vote

A GOTV Victory, or a Get Out The Vote Victory, is all about getting YOUR VOTERS to the polls. It is not about getting your opponents voters to the polls. A GOTV Victory is also not about getting everyone to the polls because it is the right thing to do. Don’t get me wrong, I think every […]