5 Ways Political Candidates Can Reach Early Voters

Election Day is roughly a month away, but with many voters in many states now being allowed to vote early, actually voting is getting ready to start. With early voters making up a larger and larger share of the electorate, you can’t afford to ignore these voters. In many races, especially close contests, the votes […]


The Power of Candidates Sending Letters Before & After Walking Precincts

One of the best ways you can win a local election is by walking precincts and knocking on doors. You can also increase the impact of this by sending letters both before and after you go door to door. All things being equal in a political contest, a solid ground game can elevate your campaign […]


5 Things Winning Candidates Have When Walking Door to Door

The best way for a candidate running for local office to get known and pick up supporters is by walking precincts. Candidates who put in the time and effort to knock on doors and talk to voters have many advantages over those who don’t do it.  But you can’t hit the street empty handed. You […]


Why Precinct Walking is a Winning Candidate’s Secret Weapon

The most powerful form of voter contact isn’t sending people tons of mail. It isn’t TV or radio advertisements. It isn’t even connecting with them on Facebook. No, it’s good old fashioned one-on-one person-to-person interaction. And it’s best done by walking precincts and going door-to-door. Candidates who do this tend to win elections. Too many […]


How to Save More Money and Win Votes with Door Hangers

The 2'n 1 Door Hanger-Walk Piece is the Key

Door Hangers are an important tool to help you win votes. Door Hangers are great when you are walking door to door and the targeted voter is not home. You can use door hangers throughout the campaign to deliver your winning message directly to a voters door. Door Hangers work great for last minute efforts to get your supporters to […]

How to Win Big on Election Day by Walking Precincts

Walking Precincts and talking to Voters One Door at a Time Always Wins

About 15 years ago I ran a field campaign for a guy that got elected to the California State Assembly. The candidate was a highly disciplined and articulate professional. He was serious about serving the people of his district and he new exactly what voters wanted. He also new exactly what he could do for the voters he […]