What Political Candidates Need to do to Advertise on Facebook

16 steps to follow for a campaign to get authorized to run political ads

Facebook is a great place for candidates to run inexpensive but highly targeted ads. But in the aftermath of the 2016 Presidential Election, that process is not as simple as it once was. To combat fake accounts, Russian hackers, and other bad actors attempting to inappropriately influence elections in the United States, Facebook has rolled […]


5 Twitter Tips for Winning Political Candidates

No, acting like Donald Trump isn't one of them

As a candidate for elected office you probably already have your campaign’s Facebook Page up and running. But are you also on Twitter? And if so, are you using Twitter right? The last few years I’ve considered Facebook mandatory for candidates and Twitter optional. My views on Twitter are changing and even I’m using it more. […]

Twitter for Political Campaigns

7 Things Political Candidates Need to Know About Twitter

As a candidate for political office you need to have an online presence.  You must have a website, a Facebook page, and an email campaign. You may also be on Twitter. If you choose to use Twitter as one of your campaign messaging tools, then you need to use it properly. Twitter should never replace […]

Twitter for Political Campaigns

Why Winning Candidates Think Before Sharing on Social Media

Remember: The Internet is Forever

One of the ways that candidates running for office often get beat is when the past comes back to haunt them. Perhaps it’s a past lover scorned who’s come back for revenge. Maybe it’s a tax lien or court case you didn’t think anyone would find. Or it could simply be something you yourself posted […]

3 Rules for Sharing and Commenting on Facebook & Social Media

Asking these three simple questions will keep you out of trouble

All candidates for elected office feel a compulsion to share and comment often on Facebook, Twitter, and the various other social media platforms. Because of this many candidates get themselves into hot water due to what they post on social media. It’s easy to do – but it’s even easier to keep yourself out of […]


3 Big Reasons to Campaign on Facebook

Bank robber Willie Sutton allegedly said the reason he robbed banks was “Because that’s where the money is.” That became known as Sutton’s Law. When it comes to political candidates using Social Media to campaign, Sutton’s Law dictates that you need to be on Facebook, because that’s where the voters are. When I first started out on […]


You Are What You Tweet: The Political Candidate’s Guide to Social Media Dangers

Here's 5 rules to help keep your campaign out of trouble

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so forth are incredible tools for communication – especially for campaigns. Social media allows you directly communicate with the voters, bypassing the gatekeepers of traditional media outlets like newspapers, radio stations, and television channels. While there are numerous benefits to such direct connection and engagement with the […]