7 Little Things That Get Political Campaign Emails Marked as Spam

We all hate Spam. And I’m not talking about the meat in a can that Hawaiians are crazy about. I’m talking about the email kind of Spam. But what most of us hate more is when we send a legitimate email and a Spam filter picks it up and mistakenly keeps the email message out […]

Why Candidates Should Never Use Gmail as Their Campaign Email

As a candidate for elected office you’ll need a distinct email address for your campaign. A lot of candidates attempt to do this by creating a free Gmail account. Yes that works, but its not the best way to go. When you decide to run for office you should purchase a website domain name for […]


Why Winning Candidates Think Before Sharing on Social Media

Remember: The Internet is Forever

One of the ways that candidates running for office often get beat is when the past comes back to haunt them. Perhaps it’s a past lover scorned who’s come back for revenge. Maybe it’s a tax lien or court case you didn’t think anyone would find. Or it could simply be something you yourself posted […]

15 Email Best Practices for Winning Political Candidates

Email is an incredible marketing tool and one that every political campaign should be using. However, using email for your campaign is quite a bit different from the way you use email in your personal life. Now before getting started, there’s something important we need to discuss. Your campaign is going to need its own […]


3 News Sources Winning Candidates Must Check Each Morning

When voters are selecting a candidate to vote for, they are typically looking to back a person they believe is a leader. Leaders are seen as informed members of the community.  Leaders have ideas and solutions about fixing certain problems. To be such a leader and not just another politician you must stay informed on […]


Why Candidates Should Always Hire a Professional Campaign Treasurer

The fastest way a candidate for elected office can get into trouble is with money. Now I’m not talking about stealing money from the campaign account or using campaign funds for personal purposes, though that does happen and gets people into a lot of trouble. The type of trouble I’m referring to here is the […]