The 3 Most Dangerous Words in a Political Campaign Speech

On a political campaign you’re going to spend a lot of time talking about yourself and your plans. This is necessary but also comes with it’s own perils. When making a political campaign speech, you must be vigilant when using the words “I” “me” and “mine.” These words if overused during your speeches will cast […]


3 Big Speech Mistakes Political Candidates Make

As a candidate for public office you’re going to be required to give speeches, but let’s be honest — your speech could bomb with your audience. In my experience there are three mistakes political candidates tend to make when giving a speech. Each of these mistakes is very avoidable and caused by the same thing, […]


New Free Training – Secrets of a Winning Political Campaign Stump Speech

Today we’re releasing a new free training: Secrets of a Winning Political Campaign Stump Speech. Once you decide to run for public office you become a public speaker. A lot of people have never given a speech before and it scares the daylights out of them. But there’s no reason for you to be afraid…especially […]


6 Key Components of a Winning Stump Speech

As a candidate for elected office you’re going to be giving plenty of speeches, so you’ll need to have your stump speech down pat. Strong public speaking conveys confidence and leadership to voters. ┬áIt assures donors and supporters that you’re the right person for office. Unfortunately, too many candidates are not good public speakers. They […]