How to Write a Winning Campaign Press Release

If you’re running for elected office, there’s a good chance you’re going to need to write a press release. The concept sounds more daunting than it actually is, so don’t get intimidated.  When I first started out in politics I didn’t have a clue how to write a press release. I was shown how to […]


How to Write Winning Campaign Phone Scripts

A winning phone script is simple to write. But many campaigns just don’t write good scripts. The biggest challenge I see with campaigns is that they try to cram way too much information into a phone script. Volunteer callers get frustrated and the voters just hang up or tune out. I once worked on a California […]


7 Rules for Going Negative on Political Campaigns

Most voters (and many of your supporters) will tell you they’re turned off by negative campaigning literature. They’re probably telling the truth, while at the same time not realizing that negative campaigning is influencing their vote. How can this be? How can voters who adamantly hate negative campaigning, have their voting behavior swayed when a […]


5 Common Polling Mistakes Candidates Make

Professional pollster Matthew Jason contributed this article to The Campaign School to help candidates avoid the common mistakes he often sees in political polling. Polling Mistake #1:  Not Testing Campaign Issues or Messages “People had an illogical, self-serving rationale when it came to interpreting the behavior of others.”  — Best-selling author Marisha Pessl Why is your […]


6 Key Components of a Winning Stump Speech

As a candidate for elected office you’re going to be giving plenty of speeches, so you’ll need to have your stump speech down pat. Strong public speaking conveys confidence and leadership to voters.  It assures donors and supporters that you’re the right person for office. Unfortunately, too many candidates are not good public speakers. They […]


Never Campaign on Unofficial Holidays

Campaigning on Super Bowl Sunday or Mother's Day Turns Off Voters

It should go without saying that you shouldn’t be campaigning on recognized national holidays, but did you know there are unofficial holidays you shouldn’t be campaigning on either? There are indeed. And if you’re actively campaigning on them it’ll likely leave a bad taste in the voters mouths resulting in a  not so good Election […]


7 Secrets of a Winning Political Candidate Comparison

If done right this will define both you and your opponent

One of the most important things winning candidates do is successfully define themselves to the voters. Who they are. What they stand for. What they want to do. This is true in all successful political campaigns. In a contested election where at least one of your opponents has significant support — or where a large […]


6 Media Interview Rules Winning Candidates Follow

As a candidate for elected office you’re invariably going to be contacted by the media. How often they reach out to you for a quote or a comment may differ, but they will reach out with you. A newspaper reporter or blogger will call you up to get your thoughts on a subject. A TV […]


One Sentence Every Winning Candidate Must Know

The one thing nearly every winning candidate has in common is one sentence.  Yes, one sentence. That one sentence they all know may be small in size but it is mighty in significance. It can make the difference between a candidate winning or losing their election. Knowing this one sentence can easily turn any candidate for […]

Fundraising Advice from a Winning Candidate

Fundraising is without a doubt one of the essential elements of running a successful political campaign. Even in the digital age of inexpensive Facebook ads and practically free mass email sends, winning an election takes a fair amount of money. Your campaign needs money to send mail,  buy yard signs, and to pay for any […]