3 Ways Candidates Blow it When Communicating with Voters

The essence of a successful political campaign is communicating with the voters in a way that connects with them. But candidates often undermine their messaging and blow it with voters in one of the three following ways. 1. The Voters Don’t Care About What the Candidate is Talking About Whatever you’re talking about in your […]


How Personal Introduction Letters Help Candidates Win Elections

As a candidate for office, you need to introduce yourself to the highly likely voters in your area fast. The best way to do this is with personal introduction letters. Direct mail is the most effective way to communicate with the voters in a local contest. You can target your mail specifically at the voters […]


The Top Political Campaign Advice of 2017

With 2017 winding down, I decided to take a look and see what articles were being read the most here at The Campaign School.¬† As five of the most read articles contain important campaign fundamentals, they are definitely worth sharing with you. How to Write a Winning Campaign Press Release Press releases are one of […]


The Importance of Repetition and Consistency for Political Campaigns

Despite the multitude of ways you reach voters, it is now harder than ever for a candidate to make a connection with a voter. That’s why it’s vitally important for a political candidate who is serious about winning to utilize both repetition and consistency in their campaign materials. Let’s start with the problem of connecting […]


3 Personality Traits Voters Want in Political Candidates

If you’re a candidate for office these days you’ve got a thankless job. A huge majority of Americans simply do not trust people in public office or seeking it. But rather than allowing that to stop you from running, you can use it to your advantage. A big reason many people don’t trust government is […]


Do Voters Make Rational Decisions at Election Time?

Nobel Economist Richard Thaler might have an idea for candidates

You wanted to say ‘no’ when you read that, didn’t you? You’ve seen too many election results to believe voters act in a rational way. But what if those being irrational aren’t the voters but the pundits and politicians foolishly criticize the voters for their choices? Last week Richard Thaler won the Nobel Prize in […]


WARNING: Big Endorsements Don’t Equal Election Victory

One of the most important but also the most useless things for a candidate are endorsements. Yes, big endorsements help you raise money and provide you third party credibility. They won’t however guarantee you a win. As I wrote previously, the three most important parts of a winning political campaign are the three M’s: ¬†message, […]


3 Lessons to Learn from Hillary Clinton and her 2016 Election Loss

CASE STUDY: The dangers her loss teaches all candidates to avoid

Hilary Clinton is all over the country right now promoting and selling her book What Happened. The purpose of the book is to explain and rationalize why she lost a race that nearly everyone (including me) thought she would would win handily. Looking back at her campaign, I believe there are three lessons candidates at […]


3 Important Elements Winning Political Campaign Have in Common

All winning political campaigns have three elements in common, I call them the 3 Important M’s: Message, Money, and Minutes. If you want to win your election, you must keep these three elements — the 3 Important M’s — in constant focus. Message Your winning message is absolutely the most important aspect of your campaign. […]


5 Winning Lessons from Political Campaign Mastermind Arthur Finkelstein

One of the most successful political strategists of contemporary American politics passed away Friday — Arthur Finkelstein. If you’ve never heard of Arthur, don’t worry about it. That’s the way Arthur liked it. The spotlight belonged to his candidates. He worked entirely behind the scenes. And the work he did there won a lot of […]