The 3 Most Dangerous Words in a Political Campaign Speech

On a political campaign you’re going to spend a lot of time talking about yourself and your plans. This is necessary but also comes with it’s own perils. When making a political campaign speech, you must be vigilant when using the words “I” “me” and “mine.” These words if overused during your speeches will cast […]


Why Winning Candidates Don’t Actively Campaign on Super Bowl Sunday

If you’re thinking of actively campaigning on Super Bowl Sunday I only have one thing to say to you:  Don’t! Super Bowl Sunday is a de facto holiday observed by millions of Americans. It is a day for high caloric food, cold beer, sometimes entertaining commercials, a dazzling musical halftime number, and yes even a […]


3 Ways Candidates Blow it When Communicating with Voters

The essence of a successful political campaign is communicating with the voters in a way that connects with them. But candidates often undermine their messaging and blow it with voters in one of the three following ways. 1. The Voters Don’t Care About What the Candidate is Talking About Whatever you’re talking about in your […]


Do Voters Make Rational Decisions at Election Time?

Nobel Economist Richard Thaler might have an idea for candidates

You wanted to say ‘no’ when you read that, didn’t you? You’ve seen too many election results to believe voters act in a rational way. But what if those being irrational aren’t the voters but the pundits and politicians foolishly criticize the voters for their choices? Last week Richard Thaler won the Nobel Prize in […]