VIDEO CASE STUDY: Mistakes Many Candidates Make with Political Campaign Mailers

Part 2 in our series examining the Andy Wilson-Phil Hosp race in Pasadena, CA

Mail is a major part of many winning campaigns, especially those for local office. In today’s case study we take a look at two mostly positive mailers in the Pasadena City Council race between appointed incumbent Andy Wilson and his most serious challenger, Phil Hosp. As we did in the last video case study in […]

VIDEO CASE STUDY: Whose Political Campaign Signs Are Better?

Part 1 in our series examining the Andy Wilson-Phil Hosp race in in Pasadena, CA

Today is the beginning of a multi-part video case study of two candidates currently going head to head in the City of Pasadena, California. We’re going to kick things off by taking a close look at their signs. The appointed council member for the city’s 7th council district, Andy Wilson, is being challenged by four […]

The Secret Ingredient of Donald Trump’s Winning Formula

No, it's not Twitter --- it's the Hero of his Story

Donald J. Trump was far from the perfect candidate for elected office. At least three times last year I predicted his defeat, both in the primaries and during the November election. Yet on Friday, January 20, 2017, Mr. Trump became the 45th President of the United States. How exactly did Trump pull it off? There […]


Candidates who Confuse Voters Lose Elections

More Lessons from the Clinton and Trump Campaigns

In education, if a teacher confuses their students, they lose the student. In marketing, if a company confuses their customers, they lose the customer. The same is true in political campaigns. A candidate who confuses the voters is likely to lose the election. If you confuse, you lose. One of the very first articles I wrote […]


Winning Lessons from Hillary Clinton’s DNC Speech

CASE STUDY: The Power of Clear Stakes in Clinton's Acceptance Speech

On July 28th, Hillary Clinton accepted the nomination of the Democratic Party to run as president this November.  That night she gave an acceptance speech to the assembled delegates of her party in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  As I analyzed Donald Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention, here’s what candidates can learn from Mrs. Clinton’s speech. But […]


Winning Lessons from Donald Trump’s RNC Speech

CASE STUDY: The Power of a Clear Story in Trump's Acceptance Speech

Last week Donald Trump officially became the Republican Party’s nominee for President of the United States in 2016.  On Thursday he gave his acceptance speech to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. His speech lasted about an hour and fifteen minutes. As I’ve said time and time again, winning candidates tell a good story when they […]


7 Winning Lessons from Losing Campaigns

Not all candidates win their first election. In fact, most first time candidates don’t win. My uncle lost three times before he won his first election. Often it’s the lessons learned from other campaign mistakes that help candidates win elections. “The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.” – Henry Ford I’ve […]


Campaign Lessons from Britain’s EU Vote

What candidates & causes can learn from Brexit

A week and a half before the celebration of America’s Independence Day, the voters of Great Britain declared their independence from the European Union. No one should be surprised by the outcome.  The Leave campaign told a winning story, the Remain campaign did not, and you can learn much from this. First, this article isn’t about […]


Fundraising Advice from a Winning Candidate

City Council member Chris Mac Arthur Shares His Tips for Successful Fundraising

Fundraising is without a doubt one of the essential elements of running a successful political campaign. Winning an election takes money. Your campaign needs money to communicate with voters, to buy yard signs, and to pay for any campaign staff you might have. Even though that’s all true, fundraising is a daunting task that has […]

5 Keys to Winning Big Against an Unbeatable Opponent

CASE STUDY: How John Bel Edwards Beat the Odds in Louisiana

There’s no such thing as a sure thing in politics. John Bel Edwards proved that on Saturday, November 21, 2015 when he beat David Vitter in a Runoff for the Governorship of Louisiana. Edwards’ victory marks the first time since 2008 that a Democrat won a statewide race in Louisiana. It’s also the first time […]