Running for Office to Raise Your Name Identification is a Dumb Idea

It's also a strategy that doesn't work

People decide to run for political office for many different reasons. Some of those reasons are great, some are average, and some are downright dumb. The dumbest one I hear far too often is “I’m only running to get raise my name identification.” If that’s why you’re running – to increase your name ID – […]


Why Family Must Always Come First on Political Campaigns

Do you know what the most important asset a candidate can have when running for office?  It’s not money. It’s not volunteers. It’s not a winning message. While all those things are important, the one thing I’ve found that matters most to a winning candidate is family. Family should always come first in your political […]


Why Winning Candidates Say “No” to Campaign Junk

When you become a candidate for elected office you’ll become inundated by people who want to “help” with your campaign. Don’t be fooled. Falling for their B.S. it could cost you the election. Does that sound a bit extreme to you? If so, then you really need to read this article as you’re highly susceptible […]


Why Now is the Best Time to Run for Office in America

The voters want results not more empty campaign rhetoric

America is a divided country. Serious issues are being ignored. Hyper-partisan elected officials constantly rise in opposition to proposed plans while seldom offering a real solution of their own. People have lost faith in government institutions. Why would anyone in their right mind want to run for an elected office today? Because this may be […]


3 News Sources Winning Candidates Must Check Each Morning

When voters are selecting a candidate to vote for, they are typically looking to back a person they believe is a leader. Leaders are seen as informed members of the community.  Leaders have ideas and solutions about fixing certain problems. To be such a leader and not just another politician you must stay informed on […]


How to Hire a Political Campaign Consultant

Are you thinking you need to hire a professional political consultant to run your campaign? If so, then you need to be slow and methodical about it. There’s five key steps all candidates should take when they consider bringing on a consultant. If you don’t follow these steps, you may greatly regret it later. But before […]


How to Win: Just Say No to Billboards

Stop wasting valuable campaign money

Billboards are a waste of money for political campaigns.  And it’s not just billboards but any large roadside signs – like those 4×8 that candidates love. This article is not about trashing the billboard and sign industry.  For sure they provide a valuable service to a lot of businesses. For political campaigns however, billboards and large […]


How Fundraising Events Can Kill Campaigns

Don't waste your time with endless fundraising events

Warning:  Fundraising events can kill campaigns. Listen, these events definitely have their place in any campaign, but as a  campaign professional, I generally don’t encourage campaigns to host too many.  Here’s why. Fundraising events cost money. This is one of my big problems with fundraising events. They always cost a lot of money. Invitations cost money. Mailing […]