The 7 Major Habits of Winning Political Candidates

Are you as a candidate serious about winning your election? If so, then you need to know and learn the seven key habits that nearly all winning political candidates have in common. Some of these habits should seem obvious, and some you might disagree with and want to ignore. Don’t ignore them. Not if you […]


The First 7 Things Winning Political Candidates Should Do

I get asked by a lot of first time political candidates what are the first things they should do once they decide to run for office. You’re probably wondering that too. Here’s seven things you should definitely do even before you go public with your candidacy. 1. Get Your Spouse on Board I’ve said this […]


How to Hire a Political Campaign Consultant

Are you thinking you need to hire a professional political consultant to run your campaign? If so, then you need to be slow and methodical about it. There’s five key steps all candidates should take when they consider bringing on a consultant. If you don’t follow these steps, you may greatly regret it later. But before […]


5 Important Questions Winning Candidates Ask

You’re thinking of running for office, which is great.  But before you do there are five questions you must first answer.  They’re the questions all winning candidates ask and answer as they prepare to get on the road to victory. 1. How many votes do I need to win? Believe it or not, you don’t […]


10 Main Reasons Candidates Lose Elections

In my experience there are typically 10 main reasons candidates lose elections. Some of these can be avoided or fixed, others cannot. Knowing these reasons, seeing if they exist in your campaign, and making the right adjustments can make the difference between winning and losing. 1. They Don’t Raise Enough Money You may not like […]


Do you need to hire a political consultant?

What candidates need to know when deciding whether or not to hire a professional

Your name’s on the ballot. Election Day is looming on the political horizon. Friends and neighbors are asking if you can give them signs for their yards. There’s too much to do and not enough hours in the day. There are too many questions for which you don’t have the answers. You’re wondering whether or not you […]