If You Want to Win Your Election, You Need to Raise Money

The easiest way for a good candidate with good ideas to lose an election is by failing to raise money. Honesty, this happens far more than I’d like to admit. These well-meaning candidates rely on word-of-mouth or so called grassroots campaigning to win, but they don’t. They get wiped out. Please don’t let this happen […]

3 Important Elements Winning Political Campaign Have in Common

All winning political campaigns have three elements in common, I call them the 3 Important M’s: Message, Money, and Minutes. If you want to win your election, you must keep these three elements — the 3 Important M’s — in constant focus. Message Your winning message is absolutely the most important aspect of your campaign. […]


3 Ways Winning Candidates Raise Money Fast for Their Campaigns

Money and politics go hand in hand. It often gets a bad rap and sometimes for good reason (case in Point – don’t be this guy). But as a candidate you know its essential to tell your story, spread your message, and raise your name ID. The only way to do that is to raise […]


7 Essentials of a Winning Campaign Fundraising Letter

Use these in your letters to raise more money

Raising money is the crux of any political campaign. It’s essential but most candidates dread the thought of asking for money. Many candidates think they need to hold a fundraiser event however, that may not always be the best use of one’s time. A direct donor letter can actually be cost effective when appealing to […]


5 Ways Candidates Can Ask for Campaign Money

...and one way you never should

As a candidate for elected office, unless you are independently wealthy and self-funding your campaign, you need to raise money. Signs, mailers, phone calls, polls, Facebook ads, you name it, they all cost money. But you can’t raise the money you need without asking for it. Now before going further, let’s get one thing out […]


How to Raise $10,000 for Your Campaign in 90 Minutes

The best way candidates can raise big money fast

Unless you’re self-funding your campaign, you need to fundraise. And if you didn’t start raising money over a year before your race, then you need to raise money fast or you won’t be able to connect with voters. That’s the case for most candidates, including most of my clients.  For them I’ve often provided the […]


How Fundraising Events Can Kill Campaigns

Don't waste your time with endless fundraising events

Warning:  Fundraising events can kill campaigns. Listen, these events definitely have their place in any campaign, but as a  campaign professional, I generally don’t encourage campaigns to host too many.  Here’s why. Fundraising events cost money. This is one of my big problems with fundraising events. They always cost a lot of money. Invitations cost money. Mailing […]


How to do Fundraising and Actually Feel Good About It

Yes, You Can Feel Good About Raising Money

Fundraising is the hardest thing in the world for a candidate to do. It is the hardest thing in the world for anyone to do. Most of us are taught early in life to be self-sufficient, provide for ourselves and to not lean on others for support. There are people that enjoy fundraising, but for your […]

Candidates Can Raise Money and Feel Good About It

Why Candidates Should Always Hire a Professional Campaign Treasurer

The fastest way a candidate for elected office can get into trouble is with money. Now I’m not talking about stealing money from the campaign account or using campaign funds for personal purposes, though that does happen and gets people into a lot of trouble. The type of trouble I’m referring to here is the […]

How to Raise More Money with Back of the Envelope Fundraising

Follow this Simple Winning Technique and Raise More Money for Your Campaighn

You need to do this ONE THING and start your fundraising right now. This is real simple.  And it will not cost you a dime. Have you heard of “back of the envelope calculations?” This is called “back of the envelope fundraising.” There’s no need for fancy software, spreadsheets, data entry people, no need to spend more […]