3 Ways Winning Candidates Raise Money Fast for Their Campaigns

Money and politics go hand in hand. It often gets a bad rap and sometimes for good reason (case in Point – don’t be this guy). But as a candidate you know its essential to tell your story, spread your message, and raise your name ID. The only way to do that is to raise […]


7 Essentials of a Winning Campaign Fundraising Letter

Use these in your letters to raise more money

Raising money is the crux of any political campaign. It’s essential but most candidates dread the thought of asking for money. Many candidates think they need to hold a fundraiser event however, that may not always be the best use of one’s time. A direct donor letter can actually be cost effective when appealing to […]


Why Winning Candidates Must Say No to Campaign Junk

Once you become a candidate for office and your phone number, address, and email become public information you’ll be inundated by people who want to “help” with your campaign. Don’t be fooled. They’re not reaching out to help you. They only want to help themselves to your money. If you fall for their B.S. it […]


5 Ways Candidates Can Ask for Campaign Money

...and one way you never should

As a candidate for elected office, unless you are independently wealthy and self-funding your campaign, you need to raise money. Signs, mailers, phone calls, polls, Facebook ads, you name it, they all cost money. But you can’t raise the money you need without asking for it. Here are five ways you can ask potential donors […]


How to Hire a Political Campaign Consultant

5 steps candidates should take when interviewing consultants

Are you thinking you need to hire a professional political consultant to run your campaign? If so, then you need to be slow and methodical about it. There’s five key steps all candidates should take when they consider bringing on a consultant. If you don’t follow these steps, you may greatly regret it later. But before […]


How to Raise $10,000 for Your Campaign in 90 Minutes

The best way candidates can raise big money fast

Unless you’re self-funding your campaign, you need to fundraise. And if you didn’t start raising money over a year before your race, then you need to raise money fast or you won’t be able to connect with voters. That’s the case for most candidates, including most of my clients.  For them I’ve often provided the […]


How to Win: Just Say No to Billboards

Stop wasting valuable campaign money

Billboards are a waste of money for political campaigns.  And it’s not just billboards but any large roadside signs – like those 4×8 that candidates love. This article is not about trashing the billboard and sign industry.  For sure they provide a valuable service to a lot of businesses. For political campaigns however, billboards and large […]